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Kueen’s Institute is located in one of Australia’s most liveable and popular cities known worldwide for its quality education, lifestyle, fashion, festivals, nightlife and opportunities. It is also home to thousands of international students.

Our programs have been developed to meet the demands of today’s workforce. They are innovative, stimulating and designed so that students achieve maximum opportunities for success. You will also develop a range of skills for your future life including leadership, communication, problem solving, teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly as you progress through the Diploma courses into our Advanced Diploma program.



Pathway Enquiries welcome. For more information please contact admin@kueensinstitute.edu.au

Free Learning Support

Access to an additional FREE optional learning support per week, for those who need it.

Fun & Interactive Classes

Classes are fun and interactive involving practical activities and the opportunity for students to share ideas.

BSB50420- Diploma of Leadership & Management

Leadership skills are highly transferrable and sought after in every industry. You will graduate with a focused awareness of the complexities of today’s workplace, and a strong understanding of current management processes. You’ll be prepared for career advancement into higher level management positions.

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BSB60420 – Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

BSB60420 – Advance Diploma of Management and Leadership will give you the skills to effectively manage people and HR services, including workforce planning, recruitment, performance management, HR policies and processes and strategic human resource systems.

Students successfully completing the course will receive the BSB60420 – Advance Diploma of Management and Leadership.

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Living in

Your safety matters to us at Kueen’s
Institute in Sydney. We foster a safe environment
where you feel empowered to speak up if something
bothers you, or you believe someone needs help.
Sydney is often ranked as the world’s most
liveable city. But, like most large cities,
there are some risks, especially at night.